Friday, May 13, 2011

Skis on a Delta Pack

We headed out to the Tatoosh Range in Rainier National Park to enjoy the recently bad PNW weather and fortunately had nice cool temperatures and snow rather than the predicted rain.  For those that plan on lashing skis to a Figure Four pack, our tester Dustin had some recommendations that he used on this outing:
  1. If possible, jam the tails of the skis into the snow vertically with bases facing each other and approximately the width of the pack apart.
  2. Put the Delta Pack vertically in between the skis.  Pull one ski up and place the tail of the ski through the bottom compression strap.
  3. Do the same for the other ski.
  4. Secure the upper compression straps around the skis and buckle them (to limit the movement of the skis, the top compression strap can be fed through the Daisy Chain before buckling).
By doing this you don't have to lie the pack flat to secure skis to it.

Dustin reported that the skis carried extremely well with the Delta Pack.