Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Crampon Armour?

We're in the final process of tweaking and finishing our Crampon Armour, a twist on the classic crampon bag/pouch.  A removable thin HDPE sheet is placed inside on the bottom and one of the small sides to provide the user and the user's gear protection from the crampons' sharp points.  The HDPE sheets allow for a lighter fabric to be used than a classic crampon bag/pouch, yet still have significant puncture resistance.  And if you don't need crampons, the HDPE sheets can be removed and the Crampon Armour can be used as an additional outer pocket.  The Crampon Armour attaches with the straps seen below to any of our packs, where even when the quick-release buckles are detached, the Crampon Armour is still securely attached to the pack.

HDPE Sheets are the visible whitish layers

Final tweaks will be made in the next month.